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Write and edit a message

Create a message

You're signed up, logged in and connected to your contacts in a sphere?
It's time to send your first message! 

Go to the sphere where you'd like to publish your message.

Enter your message in the "Write a new message" field (top center).

Select who you would like to share your message with (all sphere members or only mentioned users).

Click on the button "Share in 'Name of sphere' ".

You can also share a message quickly by using the shortcut "ctrl + enter" on Windows, or "⌘ + enter" on Mac.

If you select " With members " when sharing your message, it will be visible to all sphere members. If you select " In private ", it will only be visible to the members that you have mentioned.

The full sphere directory can be found in the right hand column, in the " Members " section.

Reply to a message/ leave a comment

In the sphere where you received a message, enter your comment in the field under the message you wish to reply to, then click " Share ".

Who will see my reply?

Sphere members that are involved in the conversation (all sphere members for public messages or only mentioned members for private conversations).

Edit a message

If you would like to modify a message after it’s been published, click on the 3 small dots in the upper right corner to open the message menu, then select " Edit ".

This will allow you to:

Correct and format your text using Markdown

Delete or upload an attachment

Reorder images in your message

Preview your message before publishing

Modify the title and/or date of an event or task

One you have made the desired modifications, select “ Change ” to save.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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