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Connect Zapier to your account

Zapier allows you to connect Whaller to over 2,000 other web services. These automatic connections, called Zaps, can be put in place easily, and can automate your daily tasks and create work/ information flows between applications. For example, when you save a new item in Pocket, or save a new song on Spotify.  

Each Zap has an application that acts as a trigger, where information comes from, and that generates one or several actions in other applications, where your data is sent automatically.

Whaller interconnects with Zapier exclusively for incoming flows, never for outgoing flows. None of your data will be transmitted outside of Whaller.

Find the Whaller integration here:

Create your free account on

Choose the Trigger

Once you have created your account, click on "Make a Zap".

Choose a Trigger
For example, Twitter, "New Follower"
Don't forget to name the Zap.

If your Twitter account isn't linked, add it and verify the connection.

Choose the action

Select Whaller as the app for "Action".
Whaller proposes a single action - write a message in a sphere.
Choose the action and click "Continue".

If you account is not yet linked to Zapier (this will be the case if it's the first time you are creating a Zap), you can do it now by clicking "Connect an Account". Once this is done, click "Continue".

Configure the action

This translates into choosing the sphere and creating a message template.
For this step, Zapier offers you the list of spheres and the fields that you can use.

Choose the sphere then define the message. By clicking on the button near the orange symbol, you will find all of the values proposed by Twitter in our example. It is therefore possible to choose the name of the new follower, as seen in the image below. Validate by clicking "Continue". 

Zapier will then display a recap of the Zap, and allow you to test it.
Click on "Send Test To Whaller".
You will receive a new message in the sphere that you selected.

At the following step, click "Finish". The configuration of your Zap is done!
You just need to activate it. 

You can then find it on your dashboard here:

Updated on: 05/01/2023

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