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As a manager, you can access the "Forms" functionality via the management pages (cogwheel). This functionality is available in the Enterprise package.

The forms allow to collect information from the members of the organization, the content of the form can be declined in 3 types of questions: free field, multiple choice and file to upload.

From this page, it is possible to :
Create a new form via the "New form" button
Consult the existing forms and their properties
Activate/deactivate an existing form
Edit, share or delete an existing form via the "Actions" menu

From this page, it is also possible to consult the number of responses and with a click you can export them in XLSX format.

Creating a form

General information

The button "New form", gives access to the creation mode, you must first define a name and if you want your members to be able to answer several times or not.

Then you have to define the senders and the recipients:

The members who will be able to fill in this form. If you do not define the senders, all the members of your organization will be able to fill out this form.

The members who will be able to access the responses on this form. Managers are always recipients of all forms.

NB: you can directly select roles to define the senders or recipients more quickly.

Finally, you have to define if this form is subject to approval, if you activate this option the answers will be subject to approval by the recipients.

Form content

Via the "Add" button you can create your form, you can add :
dividers (section titles)
Free text field" questions with a free answer zone
Multiple choice" questions, you can then define the possibility of selecting several answers or not.
"File to upload" questions

All these questions are customizable, you can also make them mandatory or not and add a description.

It is also possible to delegate the management of the form through a role. Designated members will be able to access the form management page and act as a manager: editing, creating, deleting, approving, viewing and exporting responses)

Here is how the forms work for the members of an organization

Responding to a form

The members of your organization have access to the "Forms" tab (1)

Through this tab, members can:
Click on and respond to various forms (2),
Access a summary of the answers to the forms they have already answered (3),
View the answers to the forms (visible to the recipients) (4).

A small icon (5) indicates if the responses are pending approval by the recipients.

View responses to a form

From this tab (4), form recipients can access the senders' responses.

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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