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How to use BigBlueButton video conferencing

On Whaller, members can use BigBlueButton video conferencing to communicate and collaborate efficiently via audio, video and screensharing.

Enable BigBlueButton from a sphere

As an admin, open the sphere’s menu (by clicking on the 3 small dots at the top right).

Select “ Sphere settings ”.

Scroll down to the “ Tools ” section.

Select “ BigBlueButton ” as the default video conference solution for the sphere.

Enable BigBlueButton from an organization

As an organization manager, go to your organization’s admin pages.

Select “ Settings ”.

Scroll down to the “ Sphere options ” section, then “ Sphere tools ”.

Select “ BigBlueButton ” as the default video conference solution for the entire organization.


As an organization manager, go to your organization’s admin pages.

Select “ Spheres ”.

Open the sphere settings for each individual sphere by clicking on the 3 small dots next to it.

Scroll down to the “ Tools ” section.

Set “ BigBlueButton ” as the default video conference solution for select spheres.

Join a video conference

When in a sphere, click on the “ Video conference ” tab located in the subheader. You will automatically be connected to BigBlueButton (if it has been set as the sphere’s video conference solution).

Join a video conference with audio

When joining a video conference, you will have the option to enable your microphone or connect in “listen only” mode.

Microphone: You can contribute to a conversation at any time by activating your microphone.

Listen only: You will not have the option to activate your microphone for the duration of the conference.

Overview of options

From the "+" icon you can start a poll, manage presentations, share an external video or select a random user.

1 2 3 4

Enable/disable your microphone.

Modify your microphone and speakers or leave the audio.

Share your webcam.

Share your screen. If sharing your screen with Chrome, you also have the option to open a new tab and share audio with participants.

This hand icon allows you to raise your hand to show that you would like to participate.

Moderators have two additional notifications: “Raise hand” and “Guest waiting”. To lower hands, they can click on the participants’ avatars or on the “Lower hands” button.

A variety of actions can also be performed from the presentation:

Tools: Add text, shapes or drawings on the presentation.

Undo annotation.

Clear all annotations.

Turn palm rejection on/off.

Turn multi-user whiteboard on/off.

Public chat

Located in the left column, the public chat allows participants to start a written conversation, visible to all users.

Public chat settings

In the public chat, you have several options:



Clear (You must be moderator or one of the sphere’s administrators.)

Shared notes

You can take notes and co-edit them with other participants in real time.

User settings (all)

As moderator or one of the sphere’s administrators, you can:

Clear all status icons.

Mute all users.

Mute all users except the presenter.

Save user names (export a list).

Lock viewers (restrict viewers from using certain features).

Select the guest policy setting (ask moderator, always accept or always deny).

Create breakout rooms.

Write closed captions.

Your settings

Click on your name in the list of users to set your status (away, happy, thumbs up, etc.).

User settings (individual)

Click on any user’s name to:

Start a private chat.

Moderators and sphere administrators have additional options to:

Give whiteboard access.

Make presenter.

Promote to moderator.

Remove user.

Create breakout rooms

From the user settings, moderators can create private breakout rooms.

Choose the number of rooms to create, how long they will be active, and who will be in each room (selected by hand or randomly assigned). You can also allow users to choose which breakout room they would like to join.

Once the rooms have been created, users will automatically be redirected to them for the pre-determined duration.

Icons and their meanings

Global settings

Click on the three small dots located in the upper right corner to open the menu and access BigBlueButton settings.

From here you can adjust options related to the application, notifications and data savings.


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Updated on: 11/01/2023

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