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Management of members and visitors


In the "Members" tab of the management pages, organization managers will be able to consult the list of all the members of their organization and their information (first name, last name, login, spheres of membership...). They will also be able to perform some actions on the members of their organization explained below.

Search and filters

Via the search bar, managers can search for a member by first name, last name, login, email, organization (in the case of a federation), sphere or role.

Export members

The "Export" button enables to export the list of members in CSV format.

Multiple actions

By selecting members via the small checkbox on the left, multiple actions can be performed for one or more selected members:

Invite, add to a sphere
Remove from a sphere
Remove from the organization
Remove moderated people
Restart people who have not activated their account
Assign a role
Remove a role

Unique actions

To the right of each member an "Actions" button enables to:
Add or remove managers
Assign or remove a role
Pass a member visitor
Remove from the organization


For visitors, managers will find the same information as described for members.
Via the "Actions" button, it will only be possible to make a visitor a member or to remove him from the organization.
Via the selection, it will only be possible to invite to a sphere.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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