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Organizing your federation

On Whaller it is possible to create a federation of organizations.
Federations are a way to structure organizations (which contain spheres) in a tree structure.

As the manager of the parent organization, you will be able to create and modify your tree structure as you wish.
To do this, go to the management pages of your parent organization and click on the "Federation" tab.

From this page you can:
See the current tree structure of your federation, the list of managers per organization and the number of members
Add a sub-organization anywhere in your federation via the "Create a new organization" button
Modify the current tree by selecting an existing organization and dragging it under the organization of your choice

Note that if you move an organization, all its members will automatically enter the new parent organization, as well as all the organizations above it.
In the federation below, if I move the organization "Organization 1" and attach it to the organization "Organization 2", the members of organization 1 will also become members of organization 2 by tree structure.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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