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Public portal

As a manager, it is possible to define a public portal (or external portal) that will serve as a showcase for people who are not members of your organization.
On this external portal, several elements appear, some of which can be customized: a banner, possible public spheres of your organization, CMS articles, a contact form and a button to request an invitation to the organization.

Activation and "Invitation Request" button

To activate your public portal, go to the "Configuration" tab of your management pages.

Then define your URL in the "Public portal" section.

In this section, you will be able to display the "Invitation request" button from the Business offer.

From the public portal, outsiders will then be able to request an invitation by clicking on the button at the top right and then "Request an invitation".

Add a banner

It is also from the "Configuration" tab that it is possible to add a banner (the same as for the internal portal), in the "Advanced graphic customization" section by checking "Apply to public portal".

Add CMS articles

To add CMS articles to your public portal, go to the "Articles (CMS)" management page.

Then you have to define the welcome article of your public portal (or external portal). All the tree structure (thus all the sub-articles of this home page) will then be visible and accessible from the public portal.

Add a contact form

For articles appearing on the external portal, it is possible to add a contact form.

A person from outside your organization will then be able to fill in fields with his or her information and send a message by e-mail to the organization's managers.

Updated on: 26/05/2023

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