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Sphere families

Within an organization, you can have an infinite number of spheres, which sometimes makes it difficult to navigate. If you'd like to add more order to your network, you can arrange your spheres into subcategories, or "sphere families" .

In each family, you can group spheres according to type, similar use, number of members, etc.

If you are an organization manager, go to the " Admin " menu, select " Settings ", then " Sphere families ". You can create as many different sphere families as you need to arrange your organization. You can also manage sphere families by selecting " Spheres " in the "Admin" menu.  

Sphere families are visible directly on the organization portal (as shown below).

⚠️ Important: Once the "sphere families" option is enabled, the "Official spheres" section will no longer appear on the organization portal. Official spheres that are not indexed in a sphere family will be found in the "Other spheres" section.

Note: This feature is available with the Business and Enterprise offers.


Updated on: 11/01/2023

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