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Identify user types

On Whaller, there are several types of users within an organization:
- Members,
- Visitors,
- Sphere administrators,
- Organization managers,
- Members with specific roles.

Identify sphere administrators

Within a sphere, a member can consult the member insert located in the right-hand column. The members' insert distinguishes members from sphere administrators using the relative buttons in the header.

Visually, a gray coat of arms is used to quickly identify administrators.

Identify organization managers

Similarly, a gold coat of arms identifies organization managers.

Members can also visit an organization's portal to consult the list of managers.

Managers can directly identify other managers from the "Members" tab of the management pages, in particular via the "Admin" filter.

Identify members with a specific role

Within a sphere, users can click on mini-profiles to see not only the administrator and manager labels, but also the roles if the member has one.

From the "Members" tab of the management pages, a manager can quickly identify members with roles, thanks to the "Roles" filter.

To find out more about the rights of different types of users, see the article " List of rights ".

Identify rights from the mini-profile

As a manager, you can identify the rights of your organization's members directly from the mini-profile.

By clicking on the "Rights" button in members' mini-profile, a manager can then access details of their rights at organization level (1) as well as at the level of each sphere of which they are a member of (2). Within a federation, details of rights within sub-organizations are also available.

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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